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05 January 2008 @ 04:27 pm
These are my first icons in about four months, so please don't kill me. They're my entries for an icon challenge we're making here at our Delicious, hope you like them :)

5 High School Musical 2 icons.


Don't steal, please.
Comments and constructive critics are welcome.
Feel free to friend me if you like what you see -and tell me if you'd like me to do so :)

( it's our vacation )
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05 September 2007 @ 05:17 am
(01-09) Anja Rubik
(10-27) Kate Moss
(28-43) Lindsay Lohan


one love is all i need...Collapse )
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02 September 2007 @ 02:22 pm


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02 September 2007 @ 08:05 am
I am very sorry for spamming you so constantly (this will be the last time, i promise, the next post will already be ICONSSSSS!!!YEAH!!!), but there's something I had to announce, as this has been into my head since the old domain died (so-delicious.org) in early august...and such is my joy now, that i am very proud to introduce you to your new house:


You can already post in the forum, and bring it to life... I will do my part of introducing myself and filling all the subforums when i have more time, but in the meantime, ALL THE PEOPLE is going to register in the new forum (and let the other delicious people know about this, please!)...you can start posting with anything you want :D

As you will see, there will only be a forum and an icon community, the gallery will be done inside the forum, and maybe we end up making again the coppermine gallery but ONLY if it does actually have more demand than just posting the pix in the forum, which could be a pain in the ass when done frequently...

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01 September 2007 @ 05:52 pm
Hey!!! i've got news for you all!!!

So-delicious.org expired and we were all sad because of the lost of the domain, BUT that sadness will now be transformated into joy when introducing to people our new domain: http://www.whateverelse.co.uk

This is great news :D!!!! At last I accomplished what I promised a few some time ago: Delicious wouldn't be dead for much time... And this time, it will be classier than ever!

For the moment, enjoy the ride and go visit the new coming soon page of the domain featuring rising Britney :D
I have to confess that her latest single (Gimme More) is orgasmic and I am looking forward for it to be a hit!! It inspired me for doing such coming soon page :D I wanted to keep it simple and clean, and there it went... straight to the top... WHATEVER ELSE is here to stay, and this domain expires in 2-years-time... so we will have 2 more delicious years at least...

That's all folks!

Let me know about your thoughts on the new domain and name :D (it will be Sh1nsei and so-delicious's heir, i will make in that domain everything i did in the others... AND MORE...)
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30 August 2007 @ 05:30 am
Hi! At least we have our own icon community! Since the 'Delicious' project opened, we all wanted to create an icon community to post all our icons, but never actually created anything. But that times are over; now we've got a very beautiful icon community, although with a very simple and bright layout, for enphasising on the icons themselves, which are the subject of this place.

Feel free to Friend us, although membership is not open to all publics, we will have to moderate who is able to join or not; you can join and we will see your creations in your journal to make sure we are getting a new artist to our community :)
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